Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Sad Week......

This week has been busy, stressful and sad. A friend passed away from that awful disease cancer. She fought a hard battle but just couldn't win it here on earth. She is in a better place now joining those who have come before her. She was only 58 years old and was alot of fun!! She loved to laugh and you couldn't help but laugh with her!! There is a benefit for her today, unfortunately she isn't here in body to reap the benefit of seeing everyone come out and help her but she will be there in spirit. Rest in peace, Fay.

And then on Friday night a classmate died in a car accident. I hadn't seen him for some years and was on Facebook and his sister popped in and told all that he was killed. How awful for his family and friends!! You will be missed, John.

I had a huge gathering at my home on Wednesday for my entire family! All made it but one nephew and one niece! My sister was visiting from Texas and brought her new guy over so we could all give him the up and down and give our blessings! And he is a great guy and everyone really enjoyed him! Sis deserves a new man in her life that treats her and her 2 boys well and I think she has found it in this one! There was alot of laughing, eating and enjoying everyone and I loved every minute of it! Family is so important and it feels so good to have us all together and enjoying one another!!

I had to work all week except for Wednesday to get ready for the family which was alot of work in itself!! But on Thursday I worked alone and had to do orientation that night, Friday worked alone and I had to go in on Saturday to work another orientation so I am beat!! I did get some pool time at a friend's house yesterday afternoon which was wonderful!

Off for breakfast now and then the benefit for Fay. It will be an emotional afternoon but amazing to see everyone pull together for a friend and family in need.

Until next time-

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