Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, Monday!!

Monday - not the most praised day of the week - but hey, we get to start all over on the week again, kinda like a do-over. However, my day today is not the do-over type. I'm having trouble having time for ignorant people - and I've talked to a few today. But I'm gracious and courteous on the phone and in person - just after they are gone.....I rant just a bit in private! The ranting sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't, but we just roll with it!

I've decided to put out my fall decorations around the inside of the house - this week! Fall is my ultimate favorite decorating time. Oh the smells, cider, apples, pumpkin and the decorations are delicious as well....pumpkins and leaves - my very favorite!! So, I'm going to get in a great mood this week with fall coming to my house. I can't wait, and I've gotten in a better mood just typing this out - huh, this blog stuff can really work wonders!!

I'll be back - and I think, I'm going to try to snap some pictures and put up here as well....

Until then-

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