Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall In The Air!!!!

Finally back to post. Nothing much new - but I did get the shutters up on my back door, and I was right....they look fantastic!! I'm so happy! Maybe I will get motivated to do a bit more - I hope! Today I'm going to pick all the blooms off of the hydrengea bush and hang them on a drying rack for the front porch. I never know what to do with that bush, if it rains really hard, the darn thing gets all droopy and doesn't bounce back and the blooms look nasty all down. So I think today I will pick them all off and hang them to dry naturally on the rack. Of course, my hubby thinks that it is crazy, but I have to keep reminding him that the only taste he has was when he was picking me out for a wife!! And, I had to convince him of that!!

A three day weekend was really needed!! The first two weeks of school are crazy and we were counting down the seconds until we could close the doors on Friday!! I work with college students, and I love it...but a break was really needed!! My office staff is down one person so we are twice as busy, and we switching companies that help us process claims and that has been a nightmare as well! These 3 days will do alot of good in recharging everyone's brains!!

Our local area has a large Labor Day celebration so I believe I will head out tomorrow and see what all the crafters and fleas have to offer. I haven't been in ages and I think it's time to get back into the thick of things. I've really put off lots of things I enjoy to enjoy life with my now 18 year old son. He will leave in December for the Marine's, so I will be just me again and that will have to help occupy my mind while he serves our country. I probably will post a bit more here and try to figure out the next step in my life with my hubby. It's been such a long time since we've been alone - it scares me alot!! I hope we can make a new life out of our old life and find more things in common than we did when we started out.

Someday I want to own my own primitive/country/antique store in my small little town. I know I can do it....I just hope that I do!!! I thought that I would have a shop and then a weekly/monthly craft session with guests in the back of the store learning new crafting!! Naturally, I thought that I was the first in the world to think of this because no one in our area has ever done anything like that!! Wrong!! It seems that others have been doing it for a while and it works fantastic!! I stumbled onto one such gal through a blog and am so excited!! I'm going to pick her brain a bit to try to get my ideas come to life!! Before all this blogging thing did people know????

Well, I'm off to hopefully enjoy the weekend and start on some new projects. Thanks for listening!!