Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Sad Week......

This week has been busy, stressful and sad. A friend passed away from that awful disease cancer. She fought a hard battle but just couldn't win it here on earth. She is in a better place now joining those who have come before her. She was only 58 years old and was alot of fun!! She loved to laugh and you couldn't help but laugh with her!! There is a benefit for her today, unfortunately she isn't here in body to reap the benefit of seeing everyone come out and help her but she will be there in spirit. Rest in peace, Fay.

And then on Friday night a classmate died in a car accident. I hadn't seen him for some years and was on Facebook and his sister popped in and told all that he was killed. How awful for his family and friends!! You will be missed, John.

I had a huge gathering at my home on Wednesday for my entire family! All made it but one nephew and one niece! My sister was visiting from Texas and brought her new guy over so we could all give him the up and down and give our blessings! And he is a great guy and everyone really enjoyed him! Sis deserves a new man in her life that treats her and her 2 boys well and I think she has found it in this one! There was alot of laughing, eating and enjoying everyone and I loved every minute of it! Family is so important and it feels so good to have us all together and enjoying one another!!

I had to work all week except for Wednesday to get ready for the family which was alot of work in itself!! But on Thursday I worked alone and had to do orientation that night, Friday worked alone and I had to go in on Saturday to work another orientation so I am beat!! I did get some pool time at a friend's house yesterday afternoon which was wonderful!

Off for breakfast now and then the benefit for Fay. It will be an emotional afternoon but amazing to see everyone pull together for a friend and family in need.

Until next time-

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Still sickie...but gettin' better, I think!!

Well I'm still not 100% but am getting there, I think!!

I went to a 30th class reunion, not mine, but with a friend for her's last night and I probably shouldn't have. I should have stayed home to get better, but my 18 year old son said "Mom, you may not get another chance - go and have fun!" so I did!! And he gave old mom some great advice because I had an awesome time!! I saw lots of folks I hadn't seen in over 25 years and it seemed like it was only last year!! Of course, we have all aged a bit but we still looked great!! I laughed and laughed and really enjoyed myself. Since it wasn't my class, I didn't have a name tag on and yes, everyone kept looking to see who I was. I just smiled alot and had a great time!!! Thanks, son, for the great advice!!

I've been looking at colanders to make into lamp shades for my kitchen. My idea is to hang them upside down with a light kit inside. I need 6 of them for my kitchen. My hubby thinks I'm nuts, but then again, he doesn't have the divine vision that I do in situations like this!! Have you ever done this for yourself? My dad is pretty handy so I'm going to enlist his help in the matter.

Also, have you ever put the honeysuckle vines around an outside door? I'm thinkin' of doing that as well. Let me know what you think on any of these matters!!

Enough for tonight.....enjoy!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sick.....I hate this feeling!

Well, it's the dead of summer, humidity in the state is nasty, the bugs are starting to get on my nerves and now I'm sick!! Not only am I sick, but my hubby is and my boy as well! I think the hubby brought it home - he denies it naturally! My son missed work this morning and he NEVER misses work or school - so I know he is sick.

Enough whining!! Sorry, I needed to vent for a bit!!

One of the blogs/websites I like to follow is The Pioneer Woman - have you seen it? Now she has a cooking site that she just launched, I'll get the name up here soon. I haven't looked at it yet, but I'm sure it's going to be over the top!! I love to read her and her friends. They make you feel like one of the girls on the block. It's soooo nice!!

Well, I'm off to get some much needed rest....hope this nasty cold is gone in the morning!

Until then........


Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, Monday!!

Monday - not the most praised day of the week - but hey, we get to start all over on the week again, kinda like a do-over. However, my day today is not the do-over type. I'm having trouble having time for ignorant people - and I've talked to a few today. But I'm gracious and courteous on the phone and in person - just after they are gone.....I rant just a bit in private! The ranting sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't, but we just roll with it!

I've decided to put out my fall decorations around the inside of the house - this week! Fall is my ultimate favorite decorating time. Oh the smells, cider, apples, pumpkin and the decorations are delicious as well....pumpkins and leaves - my very favorite!! So, I'm going to get in a great mood this week with fall coming to my house. I can't wait, and I've gotten in a better mood just typing this out - huh, this blog stuff can really work wonders!!

I'll be back - and I think, I'm going to try to snap some pictures and put up here as well....

Until then-

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The first of what I hope to be many....

Just starting, it has taken me 3 months to do this much!! I hope I can stay with it and post often.

Where to begin.....

Well, I'm a 40-something mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I work at a college in the midwest and have for 23 years. My one and only son has graduated from high school and decided to join the Marines. This is something he has wanted to do for quite some time - 8th grade or so. I'm not real jumped up about his decision, given the situation in the world right now, but I am backing him up because this is what he wants. So tough for a mom to do that sometimes, but that's part of the job description, isn't it? Your child takes and gives just like you do and the turnout sometimes isn't what you want, but you get there together. Stay with me on this journey, I think I'm going to need all the support I can get from whomever, wherever!!

I love anything primitive-country for my home. I love to read the blogs all over the internet about primitive-country goodies, and have bought many things from ebay and all over to quench the thirst that I have!!! I absolutely love to go to little country primitive stores and shop, get ideas, shop and display in my home!! It's such an addiction that I know I am not alone in!! Oh, and candles - for the love of it all - candles!! A major weakness of mine!! The first step in addiction is to admit it - right? Well, I love a first step and I am admitting my addiction, but you know what??? I'm not stopping!!!! No intervention for me!!

Well this is enough for my first post....stayed tuned, I'm sure I'll be back!!!

Robin -