Saturday, July 18, 2009

Still sickie...but gettin' better, I think!!

Well I'm still not 100% but am getting there, I think!!

I went to a 30th class reunion, not mine, but with a friend for her's last night and I probably shouldn't have. I should have stayed home to get better, but my 18 year old son said "Mom, you may not get another chance - go and have fun!" so I did!! And he gave old mom some great advice because I had an awesome time!! I saw lots of folks I hadn't seen in over 25 years and it seemed like it was only last year!! Of course, we have all aged a bit but we still looked great!! I laughed and laughed and really enjoyed myself. Since it wasn't my class, I didn't have a name tag on and yes, everyone kept looking to see who I was. I just smiled alot and had a great time!!! Thanks, son, for the great advice!!

I've been looking at colanders to make into lamp shades for my kitchen. My idea is to hang them upside down with a light kit inside. I need 6 of them for my kitchen. My hubby thinks I'm nuts, but then again, he doesn't have the divine vision that I do in situations like this!! Have you ever done this for yourself? My dad is pretty handy so I'm going to enlist his help in the matter.

Also, have you ever put the honeysuckle vines around an outside door? I'm thinkin' of doing that as well. Let me know what you think on any of these matters!!

Enough for tonight.....enjoy!!!

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