Thursday, July 26, 2012

Remember Me??? I Barely Do!!!!

It's been how long????????????? Way to long, I know!!! My life has been topsy turvy for the last 3 years. My sweet Momma was ill for so long and I have devoted much of my free time physically and mentally with her and my Dad to get them both healed and healthy. Unfortunately, we lost my Momma in March of this year. A devastating loss to say the least. She was the kindest, most loving and forgiving person. If I ever got the chance to pick out my Mom, she would have been the #1 pick - I just got really lucky!! I had the honor of being by her side when she died. I talked to her and told her everything that was going on outside, I thanked her for everything she had done for us all, told her I loved her, talked about my son. I know she heard me, I just wish that I could have heard her voice one last time. I know people say it wouldn't have been enough, that I would have wanted more time. Maybe they are right, but I would have loved to have the opportunity to ask again.... My son is currently serving in the USMC and is deployed to Afghanistan. Another stresser - huh? He's my one and only child and I tend to focus completely on him - amazing, isn't it?? Not something he enjoys, I'm sure!! I hope and pray everyday that he will be safe and come home to us just as he left us. He got to come home for 4 days when my Momma died, but quite honestly - that wasn't long enough!! I'm a greedy gal!! These last 4 months have been so hard. I miss my Momma so much that it hurts. I know that I'm not the first one to feel this....but it sure feels like it! I'm slowly getting out of my funk...maybe I'll post to this blog on a more regular basis! It feels so good just to type it out and not say it outloud. I think I may be back!! Peace..... Robin