Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wow - I am such a slacker!!!

Ok, so it has only been a couple of years......who would have thought that I haven't been back to update this!!!

So life was a roller coaster for the last couple of years, maybe I have my head on, maybe I don't!! We'll see what happens!!!

My son has joined the Marine Corps - he's been in 2 years in December and is now deployed to parts unknown!! OPSEC tells us that we can't know where they are at because of National Security - okay, just let me know he's okay for the love of God!!! I know he is, but it is still soooo hard to have him away. He's my one and only child, so he has to handle his mother, mothering him all over the place!! I don't think he minds much - he's pretty used to my ways by now!! My problem currently is not being able to touch him and look in his eyes to know that he is okay - I will get that chance soon tho - the end of September and he will be back in the states!! Woo Hoo!! I can't wait for the moment that I will first see him, and it is suppose to happen on my 50th birthday!!! I'm sure I will be back many times (at least I hope) harping about what a great guy he is, but that is my job, right???

Also, I've kinda moved from more primitive/crafty ideals on decorating to junk - that's right - junk!!! It really just speaks to me for some reason!! Hopefully, I will be able to get my act together soon to make a difference on my home. I know I will!!!

Enough for today - gotta finish my 9-5 job!!! Thanks for reading if you are and if you didn't come today - you missed out on ME!!!!

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