Thursday, May 26, 2011

A week!!! Am I getting on track or what??

Okay-so it has been exactly a week and I'm back on here updating my blog!!! Shut the front door!! I'm done - patting myself on the back isn't a position I'm comfortable with, but I'm going to get better at it. I am one of those people who require alot of positive reinforcements, and unfortunately, I haven't been getting them either in my job or at home, so I have decided to start it for myself. Hopefully others will pick up on this and take over this oh so important job that I have!!

What a crazy week this has been! My heart goes out to those in the Joplin, Missouri area who were hit with the nasty storms/tornado's!!! I've been glued to my TV set watching as much as I can - it makes me feel more connected I guess. I told my hubby this am that I was going to donate $$ to the RedCross. I have lots of clothes that I can donate as well - but will do that after they get their housing situation all lined up. I can't imagine sending down a bunch of clothes and items until they get a place to live established. Hopefully there will be others thinking along this same line.

Getting geared up for the weekend!!! I'm taking tomorrow off - going for a much needed pedicure with a girl-friend, I can not wait!!! Then another friend has a birthday tomorrow and my hubby's is on Saturday so we are having a combined party of Sunday for the birthdays! I have invited about 25 people over, we (my hubby) is going to smoke a turkey and deep fry one as well. So I gotta remember to get those out of the freezer tonight so we can marinate them Saturday night - oh they will be delicious!!! I cannot wait!!

Taking home good ole KFC tonight for supper - this is my hub's favorite so this will be his birthday supper!!! An easy night for me in the kitchen!!!

Going to sign off for now, I'll be back now I just know it!!!


  1. I betcha you are missing your must be so hard...I appreciate the sacrifice made. THANK YOU for stopping by my place and the sweet words!

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