Sunday, August 12, 2012

That crisp feeling is in the air.......

What a beautiful day it was yesterday!!! And this morning it is so cool and is just begging for Fall!!! These are the days that make me feel sooo good!! I have such great intentions when I get up in the morning - and hopefully this will be one of those days where I actually get done what I think I want to get done!! I pulled out all of my totes in the basement for Fall decorating yesterday and I plan to make my home all Fall-like today!! I'm going to burn some pumpkin scented tarts and just tear it up!! Yes, I am!! We had a get together last night for my sweet Dad. He turned 80 on Friday and it was such a tough birthday for him. My Momma passed away in March of this year and this was his first birthday without her. I know he thought of her all day and was so sad. They were married 61 years and were so in love!! They were that older couple that sat on the same side of the booth - held hands always - went everywhere together - and loved each other so deeply. We got together with Dad, my two brothers and their wives, a couple of great cousins and their wives and two of my nephews, new niece-in-law and our brand new baby of the family - a four month old great nephew!! I so expected to walk into the house and see my Sweet Momma there - it made my heart so sad that she wasn't. But we all braved through it and rejoiced that we could be there together to celebrate my Dad. Delicious food of course but most of all being together with my Dad. So for today - get my Fall on!!! I will, I will, I will!!! I've already been on Pinterest this morning to get inspired......this will happen!!! Have a Fall-tastic day!!!! Love yas....... Robin


  1. thank you for the comment ever so sweet,and love yur post....Your Dad and Mom such a sweet sorry and the loss of Mom is hard,I always feel it is harder for the Hubby when they loss the love of their live vs the build those memories..and a very loud Semper Fi to your son....and Where will his training start.....your old pickup pic with flag...O I love this...You should blow up ...It would look so cool on old boards..Again thank you and all the best,and hug your son lots because marines tend to posted far from home...mine was a marine for a lil over 8 years....Sgt.Cain

  2. you are so lucky!!! its still 102 degrees here in CA